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  Twin sisters first Spring Festival Newspaper reporters Cong Min newspaper correspondent Yong Wang Lu construction, Wang Yuan Jinan moving passenger section crew team of a pair of twins, 21-year-old Jieliang This year marks their first Spring Festival.From small to large, whether it is school or work, the sisters have never been separated.After work last August, the two together also G105 in Jinan to Beijing to Shanghai / G138 / G333 times as the crew working on the train.The first Spring Festival, the sisters said in unison, said: "Nothing to fear, we are ready."Sister Wang Yuan said:" I carry a hair dryer, but not blowing hair blowing shoes.Because the foot will be swollen the next morning, with a hair dryer blowing about the shoes will be soft, not very crowded feet."Sister Wang Lu said:" I carry a retractable stick, because I found a lot of travelers will the ticket, charging treasure, mobile phone or something fell seating inside seam with telescopic stick can easily help them take come out."These twins, the crew work a little bitter, a little sweet.Wang Lu said: "There are times got on a little girl could not find her mother, I thought she forgot to bring her mother to get off, put her pull over carefully asked, but also to comfort her.The result was not long before her mother came back from the dining car, the original is to buy a meal, a false alarm.Later, the little girl kissed my face and said thank you sister, I am very happy."" Spring Festival tired, but we are ready, we will send home safely travelers."Said Wang Yuan.

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